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Infrastructure Easy access and excellent logistics opportunities

The outstanding infrastructure of the Netherlands surpasses that of many Western European countries. Its strategic location with easy access via international airports and seaports and the excellent logistics opportunities by road, rail and waterways make the Netherlands a primary choice for international companies to establish their facilities.

The Netherlands is located in the center of Western European markets such as Germany, France and the UK. Easy access to commercial and industrial centers in this region, like London, Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Germany's Ruhr Valley, is guaranteed.

Within a radius of 300 miles a market of approx. 170 million consumers can be reached. If increased to 600 miles one has access to a market of approx. 250 million consumers.


The Netherlands has many seaports, ranging from the large multi-purpose ports of Rotterdam and Amsterdam to more specialized ports such as Vlissingen, Terneuzen, and the Groningen Seaports (Delfzijl and Eemshaven). The ports provide a full range of cargo-handling facilities, as well as supply and repair services.

Rotterdam is the world's largest seaport offering transport connections to the European hinterland and many overseas destinations.


Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is ranked as one of the top airports in Europe for passenger and cargo transport. Next to Schiphol there are five regional airports in the Netherlands. All regional airports offer a diverse package of scheduled and charter flights to European and overseas destinations.

Roads and inland waterways

The Netherlands has a large market share in cross-border transport in Europe. An interconnected system of European motorways and through-roads spans the major (Western) European countries, from Britain to Austria and from Scandinavia to Italy. The heaviest concentration can be found in the triangle comprising the Netherlands, Belgium and the Rhine-Ruhr area of Germany.

Apart from motorways and roads, the Netherlands has a comprehensive system of inland waterways which is an important competitive factor, increasingly more so as inland navigation is a comparitively clean and inexpensive form of longer-distance transport.

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